My-wifiext provides you the quickest one time resolution & and maintenance for the all the Netgear products such as extenders, routers, orbi Wi-Fi boosters. We also assist you with the firmware update which will enhance the performance of your devices. We have a very highly skilled team of certified technicians who will always assist you in product-specific care that you will require for the usage and maintenance of your Netgear devices. A lot of issues that customers come across are internet problem or the range of the Wi-Fi getting disrupted or system connection related problems. supports you in all the formats of Wi-Fi and device related problems and makes sure that you do not face any such problem in future. .

Some common problems such as speed of the internet or the connection getting stopped after any kind of power outage or the compatibility issues, etc. All these problems can be assisted by our certified experts and you will be further assisted with the maintenance of the devices.

WiFi router maintenance and support services

Wifi range extender maintenance and support services

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