About Us

Who we are: We, at my-wifiext.com are a technical support company, particularizing in Netgear products and we excel in giving our customers all the help we can to fix their Wi-Fi, modem, extender and other issues related to its products thereupon.

What services do we provide: We provide 24/7 assistance in all Wi-Fi related issues which includes issues related to modems, routers, extenders and much more. Our service representatives are available 24 by 7, for all 365 days a year. We will make it our mission to solve any issues you present before us, with the utmost ease and make your devices work hassle-free.

Our clientele ranges from household issues to issues that are faced by big companies. Our main aim is to provide client satisfaction, by giving you assistance anywhere in the world, at any hour of the day or night. We provide our services through highly qualified and well trained technicians that are capable of handling all of your Wi-Fi related problems.

We guarantee that 90% of our calls are picked up within 10 seconds of the call being received. Rest assured, you will not have to wait for minutes on end and listen to the automated dialogue before we answer your call. All we want is for you to not have wait for your Wi-Fi issues to get resolved for hours or days on end and that you can get back to your Wi-Fi working properly, without any issues, once you’re done talking to us.

Where can we be found: We can be found simply by typing my-wifiext.com into your web browser search box and clicking on enter. We are here for you to provide 24/7 assistance and help. You will be in the safest of hands under the guidance of our technicians. Please be sure to leave your feedback, comments and suggestions with our technicians or by visiting my-wifiext.com or by calling us on our toll-free number that is provided below.

Major type of issues: