Setup your Netgear extender using the Netgear genie smart setup. If, you can’t reach Netgear genie setup, open any web browser and put on the address bar of that browser and search it. Then, you would be connected to the Netgear genie smart setup and you can setup the Netgear extender easily. If its not working, you can always reach our certified technicians to fix your problem.



We are always there to help our customers irrespective of any issues that our customers face on internet or range that are being spread through the routers and extenders. Although the setup and configuration of the extender is very user friendly as the manuals are very easy to be followed. The setup is just a 5 minutes process. However there are scenarios where extender could not be connected due to some technical or connection issues. Therefore provides you an online quick support. You just have to contact us on our toll-free number 1-844-677-7233 which is 24 hours by 7 days assistance and your call will get connected to the certified technicians within fraction of few seconds. You need not have to wait for any long dial up tone and go through the process of call being transferred to several departments. We understand and value the time of our clients and customers and we promise to deliver the resolution at the earliest. We also provide online chat support. also helps you whenever you are facing a signal drop out or internet connection going in and out. If any of your specific device (for example devices like printer, Roku, smart TV, security camera etc) is not getting connected to the extender or the router even after the extender and routers are configured, you need to have to worry or call up a technician at your place. You just have to call on our toll free number 1-844-677-7233 and you will be assisted by our certified technician. If you have any query or if you seek any information regarding the allocation of the routers and extenders at your place or any general information, we will be delighted to help you.

The services we provided are completely safe and promising as we value our customer’s issue on priority basis. If you are not able to understand the manuals, you can call us and our technicians will walk you through the process in the most efficient way. The services we render are completely a high quality and within the principals of the ethics and we have a strict no to any non-compliance activity. We believe in building a professional as well a friendly relationship with our customers.

mywifiext believes in fixing up the internet, Wi-Fi, and device related to enhance the performances of the same. As is 24*7 support, that means if you face any problem even in the middle of the night or be it a public or festive holiday, you can always call us on our toll-free number 1-844-677-7233 or mail us or chat with our certified representative and your issues will be dealt with.

You will always have the best of our services.

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